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Farm Artisan Foods

Farm Artisan Foods, headed by chef and owner Roberto Argentina, specializes in modern American cuisine. Roberto is an artisan and sources locally grown, organic ingredients. What you find on the table at Farm Artisan will have only recently left an artisan farm.

Farm’s website needed to reflect this. The brand identity developed by Green Acres Design had already set up a strong modern-rustic theme. This theme and brand colors laid the foundation. Integrated images of vegetables and wine added color and accent.

The exclusive use of local and in-season ingredients means Farm’s menu is always changing. A simple but robust Content Management System (CMS) enables the staff to keep their online menu as fresh as their fare.

Elegant, confident, and dynamic.

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  • Design
  • Art Production
  • Flash
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • XML Communication with Flash
  • Content Management System
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