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Most yoga studio websites concentrate on the goals of doing yoga: flexibility, inner peace, etc. The Yoga Room’s website concentrates on their wood floor. Why? Because when you’re in downward dog, that’s what you’re looking at…and you’re in downward dog a lot. The Yoga Room’s website is about the practice itself, the sweat and the work, what yoga students call “mat time”.

But operating the website couldn’t be work for owners Daniel and Shawna. Wherever possible, makeHELLO built the website around Daniel and Shawna’s existing habits. For instance, they were already using Mindbody Online to manage class schedules and events. makeHELLO programmed their website to stay current with any schedule or event changes they might make on Mindbody. Thus, without any additional effort, they can be confident that they are presenting consistent content in both places. A similar process uses the Youtube API to display a playlist of their videos on their website.

makeHELLO also consulted with Daniel and Shawna on new approaches to some of their content. One example of this are the “meters” that accompany each of their class descriptions. This dual display of information (lexical versus graphical) allows for a graded approach to the content. A user can quickly scan the class descriptions and use the meters to decide which description to read.

In addition, the class descriptions and meter levels are updatable via a custom-built, but transparently-programmed content management system (CMS). The CMS uses opensource technologies and was developed with further development in mind.

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  • Design
  • Content Analysis
  • Mindbody API
  • Youtube API
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
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