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UCR MFA : Postcard

University of California, Riverside

brief : attract prospective MFA students from 'hipper' areas to what might be considered an unattractive area of Southern California: the Inland Empire. The theme was weirdness in the Inland Empire.

After a few days photographing railroad lines, freeway overpasses, and such, we realized we needed an environment we had more control over, so the next day, we waited until nightfall and ventured into a skatepark in Yucaipa with some suitcases purchased from a thrift store in Redlands.

The suitcases symbolize travel or preparation while their unnatural floaty-ness indicates the sort of strange enchantment one finds in the IE. We'd originally been photoshopping things into the air, but in the end realized the real thing is always better and took to throwing suitcases.

UCR's MFA recruitment board was pretty happy with the results.

18X24 Poster

UCR MFA : Print Ads


UCR MFA : Print Ads
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