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Eric Shamp is an architect and consultant for sustainable design. His business is Ecotype Consulting. Eric believes in the power of over-arching and unifying concepts. And he asked for nothing less when it came to his corporate identity.

makeHELLO worked with Eric to create an identity that would encompass Eric's manifold philosophy of sustainable design while also taking into account the meaning of "ecotype".

"Ecotype" refers to an organism or population of organisms uniquely adapted to a local environment. This is a principle idea in sustainable design. Our solution was to depend heavily on negative space so as to incorporate whatever environment in which the logo may be found.

In order to address the various concepts of sustainable design, we stuck with simple line and basic shapes so as to allow for a logo that could be interpreted in many ways.

Ecotype's logo can be seen as an architectural structure described with minimal visual elements. This represents minimum-impact architectural design. The logo also forms a hand with a seed. This communicates ecological intentions such as using sustainable materials. The concept of economic growth is conveyed as a smaller block defined by negative space within a larger block. And finally, the logo forms an E for Ecotype. However the logo is perceived, it feels solid and durable.

Ecotype Consulting has a strong start with its corporate identity. The logo is instantly recognizable, memorable, and designed to work across all media types. The print collateral is already speaking well for Eric's business, and we are look forward to expanding his identity's distribution to other mediums.

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